Friday, April 6, 2007

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work

Inevitably, we all spend time away from our families in order to get some work done. Whether you're constantly in search of quiet time to work in a home office or commuting to work each day, it is important to teach our children how to achieve balance in their own lives amongst the various roles that pull us in every direction.

A birthchild of the women's movement, take Our Daughters to Work Day was founded 15 years ago to introduce young women to successful female mentors in the workplace. This celebration has encouraged so many of our daughters to explore the career opportunities now available to all women. In the spirit of leaving no child out, the celebration has evolved to include our sons with a continued emphasis on exploration of career opportunities and "Revolutionizing the Workplace" by finding new ways to create balance among conflicting roles.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day falls this year on April 26th (always the fourth Thursday in April). Children are encouraged to go into our nations workplaces and see just what Mom and Dad, or Aunt, or neighbor, do when they are away from home, what steps they took to achieve their goals in life, and how they handle the challenges of multiple roles.

If you do not have a elementary or middle school aged child, consider offering to take a child you know to work with you and serve as their mentor throughout their years of career exploration. If you have a younger child, consider bringing them into work for a shorter glimpse into your life away from home. Talk to your HR department about participation in this year's Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and be sure to participate in this wonderful opportunity to teach a valuable lesson of balance to the next generation.

Visit the Daughters and Sons to Work national web page for information and activities.

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