Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Working Women in the News

Working Women Key to Reducing World's Poverty

Here's one to make you feel good - working women experiencing gender equality in the workplace are cited as being key to economic growth and the fight against poverty. Working women also have an effect on literacy rates, family health, and mortality.

The IT Sector is Still Failing Women

Women pursuing work in the IT sector continue to report existence of gender discrimination and experience a glass ceiling.

Increasing Interest in Recruitment of At-Home Moms

Faced with the impending labor shortage, large corporations are beginning to seek out women who have previously left the workforce, usually to raise children.

Breastfeeding at Work Toughest for Younger Moms and Retail Workers

A survey by the National Center for Health Statistics notes the existence of barriers for new moms who continue to breastfeed after their return to work. In fact, 32% of working moms quit breastfeeding within 7 weeks of their return to work.

Study Links Lack of Sleep to Weight Gain for New Moms

Bad news for busy moms trying to loose the baby weight. A new study shows that moms who get five hours of sleep or less at night will face major difficulties loosing their baby weight.

Parents and the High Price of Child Care: 2007

Stats for 2007 reveal the continued crippling cost of childcare for working parents.

Worst Working Mom Moments

Need a little release? Share your worst working mom moments on the new Mommy Track'd forum.

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