Thursday, April 16, 2009

Every Mom’s Social Networking Utility

Most of us live through our twenties surrounded by friends and family. Many of us even choose this time of our lives to settle into city centers where we brush elbows with strangers each and every day. As we grow, we choose our truest friends to keep in touch with, we often move away from family, and we select a mate to share the rest of our lives. Then, as the song goes, comes a baby in a baby carriage. From one of many in the crowd to isolation with an infant, and without the euphemistic instruction manual.
Humans are social animals defined by civilizations. We thrive in social situations and falter when left alone. Luckily, we are raising children in a highly digitized age when advice and companionship is never more than a few clicks of the keyboard away. Not all social networking utilities are created equal though. Certain tools available lend themselves better to moms in particular situations:

  1. For Stay at Home Moms: Facebook is a great way to share information about yourself and your family with a group of “friends”. Because your profile is not public, moms can feel safe to share information about themselves and pictures of their family. Friends can leave comments, chat, or send directed messages to one another.
  2. For Work at Home Moms: Twitter provides a venue to share a constant stream of information and ideas. Twitter is great for moms with small business and blogs who are trying to create a brand image. Twitter is also a great networking forum to contact potential clients and like-minded businesses.
  3. For Moms Working outside the Home: LinkedIn provides a professional forum to stay connected and informed about your industry and your contacts. LinkedIn is also used by recruiters and job seekers. Who isn’t always looking for a better opportunity?

Motherhood doesn’t need to be isolating. Do you use social networking for any particular purpose? What do you like about the tool that you’ve chosen?

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