Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Night Gratitude Exercise

Each week on Sunday night, I sink into a terrible mood looking ahead to a week of workplace and familial obligations. It's not even that I hate my day job but I despise the requirement to sit in an office for eight hours each day when so many more rewarding tasks await me at home. I just love to serve my kids and my husband and wish that I had more time and flexibility to devote to them. Unfortunately I am daily accosted with solutions to this problem via continued education and entrepreneurial opportunities. My day job, however, provides my family's single income, good benefits, stability, and peace of mind in a troubled economy.
Instead of veering off the course set, I have learned to focus on what I can control and recognize the gratitude that is due to my current work-life situation. Could you benefit too from these little exercises on a Sunday night?

1. Write out a statement answering why you are on a certain course: I am currently working to support my husband's efforts in achieving higher education as he did for me through five long years of college. I am proud of his drive and his hard work and want to support him with a smile on my face (even if I am gritting my teeth a little).

2. Take an honest look at who you can help through your daily grind: instead of looking at business as business, look at clients as someone to serve and pay them the same courtesies that you'd pay your family at home. If you don't serve clients directly, look to your coworkers instead.

3. Consider one area of your day where you can work a little harder: sharpen your focus, set clear goals, and seek improvement of your situation. Then take pride in the results.

4. VIsualize your long term goals: my husband and I are working toward a time that he and I will support our family more equitably. I keep a picture on my desk of myself with my kids and enjoy looking forward to the day that I spend more time with them in the yard and less time at my desk looking at their picture.

With that, I'll pack lunches, pull out clothes for tomorrow and leave behind another week's Sunday night blues.

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