Monday, October 1, 2007

Try On a New Job: Temporary Staffing Agencies

Temporary placement agencies offer employment options not just for those seeking temporary work but also for those reentering the workforce, changing careers, or enduring an extended job search. In additional to flexible assignments, many temporary agencies provide health care benefits, accural of paid time off, and other benfits.

Historically intended to provide temporary administrative staffing, temp agencies are now used to cover extended absences and new positions for many positions in nearly every field. Increasingly, companies are using temporary agencies as recruiting firms to "try out" potential employees for a new position. Given a built in six month probationary window, companies can hire a temp employee to determine fit for a permanent position with no legal obligation.

Similary, for job seekers, assignments through a temp agency can provide financial security during a job search while giving you time to try out a particular position, company, or career path. By taking on increasingly difficult temporary assignments, you can build your resume and gain valuable experience to bolster your job search. While working with a company, pay attention to internal job postings or talk with your supervisor about making a temporary assignment a permanent one.

Numerous temporary placement agencies work with job seekers and companies to fill a variety of open positions. Look for a temp agency that operate specifically within your field of expertise. Employers generally pay a placement fee to the agency. If you, as a job seeker, are asked to pay for placement services, seek temporary employment with another agency.

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Alex said...

might be time for me to "Try on a new job", yet i'm not out of the running for the board of ed job

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