Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Flexible Work Schedules - Not Just for Moms

There are essentially three types of people within the workforce that utilize flexible work schedules with some regularity. Each grouping of workers tends to differ from each other demographically and in the initial motivation to secure a flexible work schedule.
  1. Part-time Jugglers: these workers tend to be teenagers or young adults who have only ever held a part-time job while holding other more primary roles, notably, being a full-time student. Finding employment is not difficult as their motivation for working a part-time position is rarely compensation and benefits, but the prestige and experience of holding a job.
  2. Working Parents: these workers are parents in their 20's to 40's and work because they need to financially or want to in efforts to keep skills and contacts with the adult world current. Flexible scheduling is attractive in order to devote time and energies to family and home roles. Job sharing, telecommuting, or contract assignments are particularly attractive. Reliable employment with flexible scheduling and family-friendly benefits can be difficult to attain in a business environment that does not place much value on flexibility and family.
  3. Phase Two Employees: these workers tend to be more financially stable in their 40's or later with the feeling that they have paid their dues to the corporate world. Flexible scheduling allows employees greater balance of responsibilities and time to enjoy life with a renewed sense of freedom from children or financial challenges. Good compensation and benefits may still be necessary, especially for those caring for an elder dependent with long term health challenges. The attainability of sound employment depends on one's financial standing and long term savings. However, the corporate world provides even less support for those caring for elder dependents than those caring for children.
Regardless of your motivations or station in life, flexible scheduling allows for the balance of multiple roles and every employee is entitled to some balance in life.

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