Friday, May 11, 2007

The Perfect Resume

A polished resume can be the ideal self-marketing tool that gets you an interview or the document that leaves you lost among thousands of other unimpressive resumes. With the rise of electronic recruitment tools, large companies often experience an influx of unqualified resumes. Make your resume the best they have seen, and get an interview faster.

The format of your resume alone can make it worth review or worthy of the "No" pile. Make your name and contact information prominent at the top of each page of your correspondence with a potential employer. Further, use bold headings to delineate information within your resume.

Use common job titles and keywords that will help a recruiter understand your employment history quickly. Also, fill your resume with keywords that will be easily picked up by recruiting software commonly used to organize numerous resumes.

Communicate your past experiences in a way that draws attention to strengths while downplaying weaknesses. Use a functional format, as opposed to a chronological format, to highlight skills as opposed to time spent at any given job. This format is useful when time spent at multiple jobs has been short or if you have spent an extended amount of time outside the workforce.

Eliminate all typos and grammatical errors by proofreading you resume thoroughly. If proofreading is not your strong suit, ask a friend to look at your resume. Still unsure about the quality of your resume? Consider enlisting the help of a professional resume writer.

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