Thursday, May 3, 2007

Monthly Tip: Return to Work Schedule

When planning your return to work following a leave of absence for personal or medical reasons including the birth or adoption of a child, try to schedule light on your first week back to work. Two to four weeks before your return to work, touch base with your boss about when and how you will return to work. Start your first week back on a Wednesday, if at all possible. This will make your first week shorter and lighter on responsibilities. If you have kids returning to daycare, or a new baby starting day care, a Wednesday start leaves Monday and Tuesday as adjustment days. Let your coworkers know that your first day back will be a catch up day for reading emails, contacting clients, and reestablishing your work calendar. Schedule meetings with coworkers for the Monday after your return, giving yourself time to catch up on the state of projects and accounts.

Returning to work after a period away can be a huge emotional adjustment. Make your return easier by scheduling light.

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