Friday, July 20, 2007

Career Mapping Exercises That Can Help Organize Your Future

Would you start a home business without first writing a business plan? Would you enroll in a degree program without reviewing a degree audit? No, before making a huge investment of your time and money, you need to know what will be required and determine if the expectations are reasonable and feasible. Similarly, before entering the workforce, you should have a career map.

What is a Career Map?
A career map is a tool used to explore your future career development in the short and long term. It is a tool to help you consider your personal skills and values as they relate to your career goals and a specific job. The questioning involved is very open ended because individuals will vary greatly in the way they respond to questioning. Skills and values are left up to personal interpretation. Other exercises focus on brainstorming and reflection. The map is yours to create.

How to use a Career Map.
Career mapping exercises are designed to be thought provoking, so complete these exercises when you are not distracted. If you find the career mapping exercises intimidating, use as a part of a discussion group or coaching session. The career map I use with clients is linked below. Start your reflection now, but write in pencil, as goals and priorities change.

Career Mapping Exercises

Still have questions?
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