Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Monthly Tip: Summer Hours

Summer hours are offered at many companies as a way to keep employees motivated to work throughout the week when the weather is beautiful outside. Schedules can vary, but this seasonal flexible scheduling generally allows employees to compress their work week in order to take Friday afternoon off each week or every other Friday off entirely.

Consult your employee handbook for official policies regarding summer hours or ask an HR representative. Also, question coworkers who have been at the company for years or who seem to be taking advantage of summer scheduling.

Summer scheduling provides a great opportunity to steal some daytime hours in the sun and also to test the waters for a more permanent flexible scheduling arrangement. After three months of flexible scheduling and maintained high productivity, approach your boss in September with a proposal to keep your schedule as is throughout the year. Showcase the projects you completed over the summer and take note of your decreased need to take time off during the week. Summer hours are highly accepted in the corporate setting where flexible scheduling otherwise is not. Take this opportunity to show your boss how advantageous a flexible schedule can be for everyone.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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