Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finding Flexible Work in Frederick, Maryland or Anywhere

The search for flexible and family friendly work can be a frustrating process that may result in a lengthened job search and introduce unnecessary stress into your life. While job markets and employer needs are constantly changing, employers within certain industries are generally better equipped than others to provide flexible scheduling options and family friendly benefits to employees.

Large corporations
Large companies tend to have large budgets to service the work life needs of a larger, more diverse workforce. These companies may be able to allow daily flex time with employees working core hours. They may also be able to support telecommuters with a competent Network Administration department.

If you are looking for work in a large company in Frederick, Maryland you might consider:
Long and Foster
United Healthcare and Home Call, Inc.

Small businesses
Small companies may require minimal coverage allowing for job sharing or permanent part time positions. Efforts by business owners to reduce overhead costs may also provide employees the opportunity to telecommute. Individual needs in these companies are constantly changing with few positions per company. Keep an eye on local resources for openings.

If you are looking for work in a small business in Frederick, Maryland watch listings in the Frederick News Post jobs section.

Service providers
Companies with a service to provide tend to have extended or irregular business hours requiring flexible coverage by employees. Consider a position in retail or the restaurant industry. Also consider a health care setting that may require staff coverage 24 hours per day.

If you are looking for work within the service industry in Frederick, Maryland you might consider:
Frederick Keys
Frederick Memorial Hospital

Educational establishments
Schools and daycare centers are often a favorite employer among parents with work hours matching school hours of children. Additionally, employment in education often means holidays and summer hours off when kids are home from school.

If you are looking for work in an educational establishment in Frederick, Maryland you might consider:
Celebree Learning Centers
Frederick Community College
Frederick County Public Schools
Hood College

*This article is not intended to guarantee open positions, flexible scheduling, or family friendly benefits available at the above listed employers. Rather, we hope to provide resources of potential employment to our readers. We do not endorse any of these employers.

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