Friday, June 1, 2007

Monthly Tip: Summer Vacation

If you are planning a vacation this summer that will require you to take some time off from your work schedule, make it easy for coworkers to continue work in your absence by requesting time off appropriately, talking about your upcoming trip often, and taking enough time off to fully disengage and reengage.

First, when you request time off, try to do so in an email so you have written approval from your supervisor. As the time for your trip nears, remind your supervisor of your time off. In the weeks and days before your trip, do not attempt to go over and beyond your required duties in order to get everything finished. This will only leave you exhausted and increase the expectations others may have for work to be completed.

Coworkers and supervisors, however, are likely to forget you will be gone leading to requests for work up until the day you leave the office. The more you talk about your upcoming trip, the more likely it is that others in the office will remember your impending absence and adjust their own workload in preparation.

Taking time off for a well-deserved vacation does not need to be a harrowing task. Go ahead, ask for one more day off at the end of your vacation. Take that extra day to unpack, check your email, return phone calls, and readjust your sleep schedule. Then you can return to work refreshed.

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