Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Life on Balance, Part 3

Achieving Work Life Balance

When you are left feeling pulled in too many directions or neglectful of one particular area of your life, you may need to reevaluate your time commitments to regain balance. Take baby steps to achieve better balance and over time you will appreciate a huge difference.

If you feel you have been neglecting family time, start by designating 15 minutes with each family member, including you, each night. Commit a little more time to particular relationships by scheduling a date night with your spouse or a family craft project of movie night with your kids. Try to have dinner as a family each night, and do not answer the phone or the doorbell during this time.

If you feel that your to do list at work has gotten out of control, divide tasks into things to be done right away, things to be done tomorrow, and things to be done eventually. Start each day by tackling your list of things to do right now and those things set aside from yesterday. Designate a time of day to check email, return voice mails, check your blackberry, otherwise, switch them off. Reduce your to do list by delegating or automating whatever daily tasks you can.

If you feel that you never have enough time to exercise, cook, or walk your dog, go ahead and schedule 30 minutes early in the day to pay attention solely to this task.

Finally, learn to define success over time. Your family may take priority now, your career next decade. You will be able to look back and know that you accomplished your goals in each era of your life achieving a greater balance overall.

Balance gives rise to triumph.

~Sun Tzu

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