Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Business Benefits of Flexible Scheduling

Lori Long, author of the blog Family Friendly Work and the book, The Parent's Guide to Family Friendly Work, recently reported some amazing statistics highlighting the business case for flexible work arrangements and raising the question why do more businesses not take advantage of flexible scheduling benefits. While many businesses still do not offer much variety of flexible scheduling options, the resulting increases in productivity experienced by those businesses that do are apparent. Lori's statistics speak for themselves:

  • 73% of flex employees reported a willingness to stay with their current employer.

  • 39% of flex employees reported high levels of loyalty and extra drive to help their employer succeed.

  • 33% of managers reported increased productivity from their employees due to flexible work arrangements.

  • Cisco's telework program netted a $195 million increase in productivity. Deloitte estimates they have saved $41.5 million in turnover costs since offering flexible scheduling benefits.
Thank you Lori for shedding light on these concrete examples of the positive impact flexible scheduling can have on a corporation's productivity and bottom line. Hopefully, continued research and publicity of the results will encourage a continued adoption of flexible scheduling options by companies everywhere.

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