Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Headlines from the Work World

Living near work? Great idea, in theory
Developers describe the vision behind urban villages and why they are not working, yet. Three master planned communities in the Seattle area with theoretically self-sufficient economics are examples of communities where residents were intended to be able to work and live without the hassle of a commute.

Congress finding value in unpaid leave plans
The democratic-led congress explores legislation extending FMLA benefits ensuring leave to families of injured soldiers, new parents, and caregivers of sick family members.

Workforce housing key to healthier economy
With the high cost of housing, moving or commuting for a job can be impossible. Broward county, Fl businesses explore employee housing as a key to recruitment, retention, and growth. Could this be a successful workforce trend?

Growing sectors: Where the boom will be for Frederick County's jobs
Discussion about the state of jobs in Frederick County led to an analysis of six industries that face the challenge of a shrinking workforce and inexperienced job candidates.

Work and humor do mix
Does your boss have a good sense of humor? Does your employer value humor in the workplace? A survey by temporary staffing agency, Robert Half International claims that humor has a place in the workplace.

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