Monday, August 27, 2007

Tele Work is BIG News

I was thrilled to see this story featured not only on ABC primetime but also on the Drudge Report!

ABC's World News with Charles Gibson aired a story tonight featuring IBM's corporate flexibility policy as the workforce initiative of the future. Nearly 42% of IBM employees rarely enter a corporate office reducing IBM's real estate budget by $100 million dollars.

The ABC story and corresponding article explains the fairly obvious benefits of a remote workforce - reduced corporate costs, increased flexibility enjoyed by employees - in addition to a few methods to achieve flexibility - office space for "rent", virtual staff meetings. One major drawback to telework is also discussed. IBM combats feelings of isolation among employees and fosters sense of community among coworkers by scheduling periodic lunches at a common locale.

*Corporations can continue to focus efforts on connecting remote workers through establishing an online social forum or employee blog. These tools can also serve as a strong marketing tool for potential candidates to learn about the corporate values and culture.*

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