Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seeking Contributions for Return to Work Gift Packs for New Moms

After the birth of a new baby, a mother's return to work can mark a dark and lonely period in her journey through motherhood. Whether she returns six, twelve, or fifty-two weeks later, whether she works full or part-time, it is never easy for a new mom to leave her baby for the workplace.

Flexible Workforce is committed to supporting mothers in their exploration of working motherhood. Return to Work Gift Packs are distributed to working mothers returning to the workplace after a period of time at home with a new child. Gift packs serve to uplift mom's mood, nurture the mother and child bond, and educate moms about resources and tools available.

Be a part of this effort to support new moms returning to work by contributing your business card, promotional material, coupons, or free samples highlighting products, resources, and services indispensable to working mothers. Past gift packs have included hotline and support group contact information, child care resources, coupons and calendars for mommy and me classes, nutritional bars and shakes, etc.

For more information about how to contribute to our Return to Work Gift Packs, please contact Amy at

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