Friday, August 24, 2007

Fall Projects - Excuse my Absence

The Flexible Workforce blog may have been fairly quiet this week but I have been working hard on several projects that I am excited to share with you throughout the upcoming fall.

Site Makeover: Thanks to our good friend Alex at Whiterock Enterprises for the purchase of our new domain name, (and .org and .us), I have been looking into ways to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the site. We are continuing to use the blogger platform and I will be adding more information about Flexible Workforce and cleaning up the sidebar. Thank you for all your recent comments and suggestions. Your ideas for improvement and development are always welcome.

Return to Work Gift Packs: Fifty gift packs are being assembled for distribution to local moms returning to work after a period of time at home with a new child. We are coordinating contributions from companies such as Glorious One Pot Meals and among others. As this project continues through the fall, look for more information about our sponsors and profiles of some excellent local moms returning to work and managing their families with ease.

While these projects are keeping me very busy, I am continuing to research and prepare new articles for the blog. Look for upcoming articles about fathers returning to work after paternity leave and issues of faith at work as well as a review of Julie Lenzer Kirk's great book The ParentPreneur.

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